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Taking care of ourselves virtually

We are in a time where many of us are communicating so much more online.

I had this recent experience where I was messaging about something that was important to me. I had this disconnect between my words, what I was sharing and the way it had been shared through messaging. How it landed in my body was a sense of dis ease, disconnect and anxiety. This is an invitation to check in with yourself about what your preferred style of communication might be. It's especially important at this time when we are missing the in person contact and full experience of being with someone in person.

If you have something that is meaningful and important to you to share, that includes your emotional experience whether it's around anxiety, fear, pressure, stress or joy, or something that feels positive to you, you might want to check in with what level of communication do you need right now, and what is possible:

1. Messaging/Text (often there is delays in response) 2. Voice call (instant feedback on what you are saying/instant response but may be missing some reassuring body language cues) 3. Video call (instant feedback on what you are saying/ you get to see some reassuring body language cues alongside tone/pace of voice)

It what is possible is a option 1 at that moment in time, but if you really need option 3, you might want to take extra care of yourself and make the option 3 happen.

We are so used to texting and messaging and delayed, non real time communication. But what happens to our hearts in this process.

Do we feel something gets lost in the black hole effect of not getting an instant reply. At a time when there are more reasons than usual to not feel safe, let's look out for ways we can increase our sense of safety with each other.

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