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The gift of thinking with your penis

I wonder how many times men are told in their life that they only think with their penis?

I am guessing well over a 100 times? Or more?

When we hear something enough, it gets into our subconscious and it then becomes information that we do not question - we take it as a given.

The impact of this narrative is that a man can end up thinking to himself 'I must not think with my penis, so I'll shut off from him down there and not listen to anything he has to say'

Yes, of course there is a time when men want to be listening to their heart, their mind and their gut, in relation to important life decisions and may want to wisely choose which part of themselves they listen to....

AND there is a time when their penis has some absolute gold to share!

Men; your penises carry wisdom!

This is your body wisdom; whether it's your penis, your heart or your gut.

Our bodies speak to us, if we listen.

Men; I wonder if you were to close your eyes right now and take a few deep breathes and ask your penis if he has anything he'd like to share with you today, what he would say?

Are you tired of this narrative, that men only think with their penises?

Do you want to flip the scripts and shift your relationship to your sexuality, your body, your penis?

Your body has been communicating to you, through what you see as not 'performing' in the bedroom. He's telling you something.

Do you want to create:

- A new story/narrative around your penis & sexuality?

- Increased confidence in your own body and skin?

- Increased intimacy with yourself and/or your partner?

- The ability to become so in tune with your body, that you are in the driving seat, when it comes to experiencing pleasure in your life?

- An increase in the amount of pleasure you feel in your body and your life?

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