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The longing and the knowing

I have reached this point in time, where I have really let go of the search to meet my beloved.

And this is far from a place of resignation.

This is from a place of trust, of knowing, and of ultimately having a strong loving relationship, with myself.

I have been working on allowing myself to get to know the longing deeply. Giving myself utmost permission, to feel that need to connect with the other, that yearning, that longing and letting it be there at times.

I let myself know this a human need and that I get to desire a relationship, and that this doesn't make me needy or any less evolved as a human being. That I get to want to be in a union, that feels nurturing, loving, supportive, inspiring, joyful and life-giving. I see this as a really important part of allowing this man into my life, to be in this mindset of receiving of his love, when he enters into my life.

What serves me most is to then come back to myself, and I am doing this with regular practices, that support me to connect and ground into my body, to feel my body/myself, to connect with my sensuality, my sexuality, my inner provider, my inner care-taker, my inner lover, my inner nurturer, my inner beloved, my inner playmate, my inner parents, my inner flirt, my inner best friend.

I continually build on the mindset of knowing that I will have this relationship I deeply desire, by looking at evidence that what I want exists. So when I see a couple in a picture and can see the love they have for each other, beaming through, I tell myself, "see this couple Emma, you are going to have this too!"

I allow myself to get excited about when I meet him and I use the power of my mind, to feel in my body, how it will feel when I am with him. This is an active, empowering process for me. This is about softening, and surrendering to life and seeing all the love, that is already in my life.

Then I let go again. I let go of the when, the how and the who it might be.

I have found that sweet spot for now, of feeling the yearning, from a place of trust and knowing and feeling fulfilled, in my life, that I have a lot to give, when he comes.

I am connected to my wholeness within.

This feels so empowering, to be in this place right now and I am grateful to all my practices, teachers, friendships, family and the inner work, I have done up until this point, to be in this state of body and mind.

If you are reading this, if this resonates and strikes a chord with you, if you want to move more into this state of mind and body, then I'd love to pass some of this good stuff on to you!

I am here to support you, to shift your body-set and mindset, to this place, with embodied coaching sessions and powerful audio practices, that you can use over and over again.

You get to connect with the knowing and be your own best lover and friend right now, from a place of welcoming that human need to connect, with someone in partnership and not disowning it, which ultimately can lead to pain and inner conflict.

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