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The Protector Within

I am holding on to this new (ish) part of me for dear life. This is the part that won't let anything get in the way of feeling good. This is the activist within. Actively making decisions, daily, to let the good stuff in. Letting what no longer serves me move through my body through movement, sound and breath. This is the part that has the awareness that pain and suffering is/was a familiar feeling...a familiar kind of default setting. The part that knows it is what I learned growing up around me. That knows that message was = life is a continuous struggle. That you have to struggle to earn an incy wincy, teeny weeny bit of joy and pleasure. That knows these messages are deeply ingrained. This is the part that questions the status quo. That questions old core beliefs. That questions what I want to let in to my life. This is the part that knows her boundaries. That knows what is needed to preserve, protect and maintain a positive mindset. This is the part that knows it's not about repressing or pushing away the darker emotions or's just making a choice to let them move through me and not stay stuck within me. The protector is: ❤️ Boundaried ❤️ Self aware ❤️ Empowered ❤️ Strong ❤️ Receptive to taking on new beliefs So curious to hear from you all about your protection within and what qualities this part of you has? I'd love to hear, as this is a part I shall continue to develop both personally and in supporting my coaching clients.

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