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The Unexpected Thing, That's Helpful For Men To Know, When They Have Lost Their Desire For Sex

A lot of men that I work with, initially contact me, because they have lost their desire for sex.

Now, there are many reasons men just stop wanting sex. A two year pandemic for one! Other reasons might be; having to put in more hours at work, having relationship issues, or not feeling good within themselves.

As a man, this all has a huge impact on your desire for sex, which in turn, can have a significant impact on your life.

This is what I help men with! I help them reconnect with their sexual desire, so they can feel confident in the knowledge, that they are powerfully connected to their body, sexual energy, desire and eroticism.

And here’s where we start; by recognising that sexual desire is not binary, ie not just a 0 or 1, on a scale. There are many more increments on the scale. So, if you used to feel like you were either 'off' or 'on', but no longer do, please see that change as a natural shift, rather than the loss of your desire.

This transition, from one form of desire, to another, is not something that gets talked about, so men are none the wiser and end up interpreting the change as a loss of sex drive altogether, surrendering to it as a fact of life.

Men, this is why it’s so important to understand the differences in desire; spontaneous desire (on the screens) and responsive, slow desire (nowhere on the screens!). Many Men shift from spontaneous desire to slow-build, responsive desire without the understanding required to see it as such.

Once we know how you now express your desire, we can start doing the work, to help you connect with your sexual desire and transform your life, from the inside, out.

Men that I work with are not masturbating as much as they used to. Or masturbating just for relief, with little pleasure. Most won’t have had sex in a while (some for weeks, others for months or years).

It’s an incredible honour to witness men realise they are not a failure, because how they express their desire has changed. Men I have worked with have literally changed the whole way they self-pleasure. One had fits of laughter, on the way to work, because they were filled up with their own sexual energy!

When they change how they relate to their sexual energy and/or reconnect with a desire to have sex, their relationship or their dating life, changes. They have a deeper and more loving connection with their body. They know what feels good. They are confident in asking for what they want. And this absolutely translates into their life. I’ve seen men come from sexless relationships and over time, reintroduce intimacy, gain promotions, and see more success in their business.

Ready to bring sex back into your life?

I’ve seen first-hand, the profound impact this work has on men’s overall wellbeing, confidence, relationships and dating life.

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