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The Winner is....

Me You There is something about people playfully telling me I am the winner that feels really good. It's the recognition that my all my efforts are being recognised. That I am winning at life. That I am doing well. That all my best efforts with what I know now are working for me and for others. There is a real sense of being celebrated. So many of us grew up in a an education system that focused on winning or losing. Winning felt great...losing...well that didn't feel so great. I spoke about this with a friend the other night. And I asked what does it for you? She said she liked the phrases: ❤️ I believe you ❤️ Your authenticity is changing the world What phrases give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside ? So curious to hear what positive phrases you like to hear. From others. And to say to yourself. That support you to feel good. To feel validated. To feel seen and celebrated. To feel valued. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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