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Thinking outside of the box

There are many moments in the past where I have really had to think outside the box of what people around me have said is possible. Had I believed what I heard I would be living a very different life right now.

I want to share this with you in case any of you could do with a bit of outside the box thinking right now.

- I had ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS and doctors told me I would never fully recover from it. I am now in recovery and living a life that at one point seemed impossible. At one point at the height of my illness I was pretty much in bed for a year and every day tasks felt like a mountain to climb. Now I am able to do so much with my days.

- I had scoliosis for 20 years and every professional who I went to see told me that it was degenerative and that it would continue to get worse. I then went to see a physiotherapist 3 years ago and he told me that my pelvis had been out of the sacroiliac joint and he put it back in!! That was 20 years of thinking that there was no way I could have a straight spine and balanced body. Now I mostly do not have any back issues unless it comes out again.

- I was working in a job that involved a 4 hour commute 3 days a week and was burnt out with CFS. It seemed impossible to me that I would find a job at the time that would give me a wage to cover all my bills, and work in a way that would protect my deteriorating health that was local to me. I found a job that was right outside where I live on the same road!!

- People would say it takes up to 5 years to build a successful coaching business. Thankfully I am surrounded by a lot of people who share that many things are possible, so I chose to believe that I can have a successful coaching business within my own timeframe.

There is so many more times where thinking outside of the box has led me to opportunities that have supported me to break patterns of struggle, pain and limiting beliefs. At certain points I needed people around me to question my beliefs and reflect back to me that something else was possible.

When you work with me as coach this is what I am here for. To hold space for something else to be possible for you.

One of the greatest core beliefs I have been lovingly tending too for the last 3 years is that life = struggle.

My new belief that I feed on a regular basis is that life can include a lot more play and a baseline of contentment.

If you want to address some outdated core beliefs in a loving, gentle, powerful and results based way. Then you are in the right place. This isn't about getting rid of old beliefs - this is about embracing these beliefs with compassion and creating some room for new beliefs to be birthed.

My coaching includes:

- Working with the body in each and every coaching session. I take you through structured body based processes that support you to discover what your subconscious is holding in your body. It's incredible what insights and shifts we can access when we enter into the realms of the body and subconscious.

- Deep audio journeys that support you to access relaxed alpha brain wave states so that you can enter into your subconscious. These powerful guided audios have music, guided breath work and guide you to connect with your body. This is one of the key parts that supports my clients to get such amazing results. This is a re wiring process that take place.

- Knowledge of the nervous system and working in a way that suits your pace and respects that we grow in ways that are ready for. We acknowledge that sustainable growth needs firm foundations and all coaching programmes begin with guided sessions and practices to support you to embed more of a sense of comfort, ease, safety and love into your body.

I am pleased to share I have some spaces to work with me 1:1.

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