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Transparency in our wholeness

What really supported me in my own journey last year in my pursuit of non perfection was hearing and reading other people's stories of humanness. That they didn't always feel great, that they were touched by life's challenges, that they were healing deep rooted trauma. We absolutely need to be transparent in our wholeness. To drop the false pretense. Otherwise we will all just feed into this 'Compare and Despair' type thinking that brings us down and doesn't support us in any way to see our own worth and unique gifts we bring to each other. We can let go of this binary thinking that really doesn't serve any of us. Black and white thinking doesn't take into account our wholeness. We can admit we don't have it all sorted, that at certain times we struggle with physical or mental health and we can reach out for support in the workplace or to family and friends. When we let others know about our humanness, we also give permission for them to do the same when they may need to reach out for support in the future. After years of trying to be perfect - last year I had decided I'd had enough of the exhausting pursuit of perfection. Every time I thought I had made a mistake - I kind of secretly felt proud of myself for letting go of the reigns of control. Giving compassion to the perfectionist task master within me - because ultimately this part of me just wants to be 'perfect' so that I will be loved and liked by others. I let this part of me know she will still be loved even when she doesn't deliver 100% absolute 'perfection' in all she does!! I celebrate all those who I follow on social media who inspire me and give me courage to show up authentically in the world. Who inspire me to be loving and compassionate towards myself and others. It takes courage to share our wholeness - it really does. Maybe the more of us that do it - the easier it will become for us all?

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