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Why Sexuality?

I was asked last week - why sexuality? Why spend so much time investing in uncovering the blocks to pleasure, in exploring the relationship to sex and sexuality with workshops, books, coaching, dance, therapy, self-pleasure. I absolutely loved answering this question because it helped me to articulate the why for myself and the why for so many people that I get to explore this topic with. My response went something along the lines of... Sexuality is the portal to something that we know is so deep inside of us something so much bigger than us. Sexuality and sex is the gateway...and on the surface it may seem like it's all about connecting with pleasure. And yet is is SO MUCH MORE than connecting with the pleasure potential. Kind of like the sexuality bit is 2% and what it taps us into is 98% of more of who we are and can be. It's about connecting to a sense of power in ourselves. It's about peeling back the layers of conditioning that keep us feeling small, limited and like we are living in a small box. It's a way to connect with our innate nature...and in doing so, we connect to nature around us. When I connect with a movement of energy within, then I can more easily connect to and recognise the life force externally that is around me. It's a way of tapping into an energy source. An aliveness. A deep joy. Laughter. Grief. Fullness. Sadness. Pain. Excitement. Inspiration. The more we can experience pleasure in our bodies's like a bridge that connects us to a pleasurable relationship with life. The pleasure in meeting with friends for a hot chocolate. The pleasure in eating a meal that's freshly cooked. The pleasure in waking up in the morning after a good nights sleep. So curious to hear what the 'why's' are for you if you are currently exploring sexuality as part of your self development journey?

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