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You don't have to touch yourself to self pleasure

If you see yourself as someone who:

- is turned on by word play - is sapio-sexual - needs to feel relaxed, to get turned on - is aroused by playing with the power of your erotic mind - is an Energetic erotic blueprint

Then you will love the new practice I have created for you!

When I trained as a Sex Coach, we had a lot of self pleasuring home-play to do to get to know our bodies, our blocks and resistance to pleasure and to re-wire old beliefs about ourselves, through self-loving touch.

I started off listening to the amazing guided audios we were given and I kept putting myself under pressure, to self-pleasure in how I thought it 'should' be looking. The kind of 'should' we learn from mainstream narratives, on pleasure and orgasm.

But this was not only not working for me, it was actually stressing me out and it didn't remotely feel like self-pleasure to me, at the time.

I now know a lot more about what turns me on and what turns me off, when it comes to my body, my pleasure and my experience of valley and peak orgasms. For me, a part of this learning was discovering my erotic blueprint, as the 'Energetic' blueprint.

I come across a lot of women who are actually Energetic blueprints and have been feeling that there is something wrong with them, because they do not fit the mainstream narrative of the 'Sexual' erotic blueprint.

Energetic types can be really turned on, by anticipation and playing with energy and non-touch stimulation. This might sound waaayyy out there, because we have a culture that focuses heavily on touch-based and genital-based stimulation, as the ONLY way to get turned on. We also have a culture that focuses on the Sexual blueprint type (curious to find out your blueprint? Quiz link is below). If you are curious how self-pleasuring (whilst not touching yourself or even taking your clothes off) could look, then you definitely should check out my audio practice, that I have created for Women called:

Embracing the Orgasmic Self

I am pleased to share some feedback about this practice!

"I was able to move my sexual energy all over my body with my mind and had my first full-body orgasm. I feel like I am now carrying a secret power within me."

For this self pleasuring guided audio practice go to

To find your Erotic blueprint, try Jaiya's quiz

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