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2:1 Pleasure Ratio

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Cultivating and allowing pleasure in our lives goes hand in hand with self-love. I am talking about pleasure in all its forms including our sexual pleasure. Many of us will have grown up hearing the concept of; Work hard Play hard The thing with this concept is that if we peel back the layers there is an underlying core belief that you can only receive the good stuff in life by having to work your arse off! BUT.... When do we truly know we have worked our arse off anyway? Especially in a culture that glorifies and rewards BUSY and overworking to the detriment our our physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual health. When is enough, enough before we have over given from an empty cup? Let's get radical. Let's flip the predominant mind-set on its head. Let's outweigh our 'bad' days & moments with 2 positive, self-loving acts that very same day. The 2:1 pleasure ratio. What are your 2 things of pleasure you could do and have in your pleasure bank for when you have a tough day/moment? Here are some of mine: - Not completing my to do list today because I had a particularly bad day - Self soothing and giving myself a massage - Speaking on the phone or spending time with friends and family I look forward to speaking more about the 2:1 pleasure ratio and Upspiralling this Friday 8th March in London for International Women's Day. If you would like to join us, contact me and I will forward the event link to you. *edit after posting - The 2:1 ratio is a concept I learned from a teacher called Layla Martin.

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