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Come and Levitate with me...

Join myself and two incredible teachers Sandra Denise and Andreja Bourke for a sexuality retreat like no other. Join us and 9 other women (17 spots) for The Powerful Women Initiation Retreat hosted by Sandra Denise. April 27 to May 2nd Crete Greece What does it mean to be a powerful woman? To me stepping into my power has been a process of self compassion. A process of meeting my shame with open arms, recognising this part of me, sending this part love AND bringing in a new part that lets me know I’m safe to express myself as I am. To me that’s what being a powerful woman is. To keep coming back to accepting who I am. When we work with sexuality we are working with an integral part of who we are. For many of us our sexuality is a part of who we are. When we work with our sexuality and our sexual life force energy we open up a direct relationship to our body and therefore our subconscious. It’s in this space of opening we can release body stories that we are holding that are no longer true...gently and because we are ready to. It’s in this space of opening that we can imprint new positive beliefs and plant the seeds for empowering stories. It’s in this space we can access deeper levels of pleasure by softly and powerfully peeling away physical layers of armour. Pleasure shifts our bio chemistry and supports us to move out of survival stress chemicals into pleasure thriving mode. Contact me if you’d like to find out more about the retreat 💜

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