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Connection & Survival

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

It's in our wiring to connect for our very survival. When we feel disconnected we can experience a spectrum of feelings of perceived threat. From low grade to intense feelings of our of survival instinct being threatened right at our very core. At the primal level of our mind and body. I recently was hanging out with my 8 month old Niece and she hurt herself with a plastic fork she was eating with. She immediately cried in shock and looked at me maintaining direct eye contact. This felt like a really powerful moment for me. It was the first time I had received this kind of communication from her. This kind of intense direct eye contact. It showed me at the very core that as human beings we are wired for survival. It's in our survival instincts to cry and to reach out and let others know we are struggling or in pain. I was really taken aback at the intelligence of our bodies. My Niece didn't need to receive training in crying or eye contact. She just knows how to do it. And then it got me thinking. What happens when we send out these signals in childhood and adulthood and we don't have attuned adults present enough to notice or they are present but don't know how to respond with attuned empathy and comfort. We begin to learn that our needs won't be listened to. We shut down. We rebel. We fight. We run. We freeze. All in our attempts to survive. I have seen just how powerful it can be to become aware of these survival instincts that happen automatically when we feel threatened in some way by others. To notice we have been taken over by the primal fear response and that our logical thinking mind is totally OFFLINE. I have also seen just how powerful it is to then allow this fear response to be moved through the body. To be processed and released through the body by completing a stress cycle. My coaching programmes include education and practices that support you to learn about and bring the stress cycle completion into your everyday life. Contact me if you are curious to find out more about being coached by me.

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