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Embodying an empowering sub personality

Who is running the show when it comes to your Sex life? Whether your having solo sex of partnered Sex? Identifying a sub personality that exists within you can really support you to see when this part arises and make a choice to bring a supportive and empowering sub personality in to take centre stage. A disempowering sub personality may say things like: - I don’t know what I’m doing - It never works for me - I am getting this wrong - I can’t orgasm like that - I don’t know what I want - I feel guilty when I do enjoy myself - I feel like it’s dirty or shameful when I do x,y or z - I wish had better breasts, a harder cock, a body that I’m happy with We can give them a name like: Mc judgy pants (thanks Layla Martin for this one) Miss guilty schmilty (just made that one up right now) Mr killjoy The pleasure dampener Once we notice this disempowering part come up we can thank them for doing a great job at protecting us, keeping us safe, doing their thing as best as they can. Then we can kindly ask them to step off centre stage and let our empowering sub personality take the front of stage. Our empowering sub may say things like: - I know how to connect to pleasure - I trust myself and follow what feels good - I deserve to feel good, to feel pleasure - I’m born out Sex and Sex is natural - I am great at asking for what I’d like and communicating my needs P.s I have a new offer of £300 for 3 sessions in November. If you’d like to work with me on identifying your current beliefs and get a personalised breath work audio practice with your new beliefs Contact me and let’s book the first session in!!! 💜 P.p.s This is me embodying and playing with an empowering sub! But I have no idea what to call her? Any ideas?!

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