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Find the evidence that what you desire exists

What happens when we don't have positive, healthy relationships modelled to us? What happens when we look to our past dysfunctional relationships then we look towards our future and draw a blank when it comes to visualising something other than what we have experienced? This is a call for us all, including myself to find the evidence. To find the evidence that we desire absolutely, categorically, without one tiny, weeny bit of doubt EXISTS. What we desire. What we yearn for in relationship. It exists. And not just in one person. There are many people out there who would be a great match for us. Who we can co create a life together with that will bring so much into our lives. In Quantum theory what we observe affects reality. If we don't believe something out there exists, how will we spot it even if it's right there under our nose? How will we draw in this experience into our lives consciously with our intention and belief if we have no idea of what it actually looks like. I have been on an 'amazing relationship proof' fact finder for some time now. I have found some incredible evidence that the relationship I desire and yearn for exists. What this does for me is it allows me to rest in the knowing that when it's my time to meet my beloved, that we will co create a wonderful relationship together. A relationship that supports our thriving. That elevates us. That is deeply connected. That is built on trust. That involves a shit load of fun and play. I know this is coming my way. I have no doubt. I know it exists. I see the evidence all around from friends, to art and images, to teachers work I follow, to the books I read. Who else is on the mission of building evidence that what you desire exists? Where do you get your evidence from? FB groups, books, events, people you follow? Share the love and share your sources!! If this resonates with you. If you desire something different to what past evidence shows you. If you want to seriously shift your internal reality, move towards and create what you desire in life. Then book in a free 20 minute call with me to share what's alive for you right now and find out about my coaching. Contact Me and we can set it up. Coaching is by invite only. There needs to be a great coaching chemistry and fit from both sides.

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