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Have you ever had someone tell you that it's all over now?

That the shouting, arguments, tension, pain, sadness is over now.

That the difficulty and struggle is over now.

That you are safe in the space you have created for yourself.

That now is different to then.

That it's not your fault and it never was your fault.

That you did the best you could and you are doing the best you could.

That your pain was immense and so valid and it's no wonder you struggle even now...because look at what you went through as a child.

That you deserve to rest - you have done more than enough.

You are enough.

You are more than enough.

You are safe now. I love you. You are so loved.

I am here for you.

I am here to protect you.

Any time you want to talk - I am here to listen.

Any time - I am here.

I see how things are difficult for you - I really do. I see how you are hurting. I am sorry you are hurting.

What do you need from me right now. What can I do for you?

What would help you to feel a little safer right now?

Is there anything I can do to help you feel a better right now?

I am here for you.

I have your back.

It's one thing to say these things to ourselves from our thinking mind in a beta brain wave state.

And it's a totally different thing to say these things to ourselves when we are in more of a relaxed brain wave state so that the doors to our subconscious mind are open to receiving new messages.

I have created a set of powerful practices that you get access to when you work with me that include gentle breath work and music to support you to relax.

Someone once said to me that the arguments are over. The shouting is over. It was a revolutionary moment. My logical mind knew this.

Yet my primal brain the part that carries nervous system somewhere may still hold on to the memories. Trauma is held in the body and there is no timeline when trauma is triggered by seemingly unrelated events.

Trauma tells us that what happened then is happening now. Our logical mind goes offline.

What has really helped me over the years is forming a relationship with my inner children, the different parts of me, the younger parts of me that experienced difficulty in childhood.

You get to do this with me in my 1:1 coaching 6 month programme.

You get to speak with the younger parts of you in the coaching sessions. As your coach I am here to support you to connect with these parts of you, to embody these parts of you, to give these parts of you a chance to be seen, witnessed, heard and asked what they need right now from you and others around you.

This is very powerful work.

We get to give often hidden and repressed parts of us an opportunity to be seen.

We get to feel a sense of lightness that can come with moving towards these parts of us rather than moving away. The heaviness is lifted.

We get to feel more in control of our emotional reactions.

In those crucial moments having practiced soothing and meeting the needs of our inner children through the coaching programme - we get to be there for ourselves.

Through my powerful audio practices you get to practice this over and over again. It becomes a new skill that you can use when it matters most. When you are triggered and need some self soothing.

I see this time and time again with clients I work with.

They have these light bulb moments...and also these subtle shifts.

Their inner children hear something they really needed to hear.

They are freed up to make those shifts in their emotional lives that brings:

- more self esteem

- more confidence

- more inner ease and balance

- more acceptance

- more self compassion

- ability to experience new levels of intimacy in relationships

- ability to self soothe and talk to yourself kindly

If this is what you're seeking for yourself too, book a clarity call here to see if we are a great coaching fit:

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