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Messages from our Childhood

Messages from our childhood stay with us AND we can re wire our mind and body for new core beliefs A core belief recently re surfaced that deep down I feel like I haven't got things perfectly right even though I am trying my best. That I have failed. That I am wrong in some way. I spoke with a friend who said the words: 'You are not a failure' These words immediately brought tears to my eyes. They were just what I needed to hear. Words like these ...words that suggest something totally different, to counteract the painful messages we received growing up can really can work. There are phrases we really need to hear from ourselves and from others. It has been so rewarding to get feedback from my clients over the last week or so that the coaching session and the audio home practices I give them are really supporting them to feel an inner sense of safety, self love and belonging. That the practices are supporting them to hear the words they so need to hear and to truly absorb and take in these words. To shift how they view themselves, their relationships and the relationship they have with their sexuality. One of the ways in which the home practices really work is by using the practices with breath work. When we open up our bodies to take in more breath we can begin to drop the mind's control and open up the subconscious mind so it is better able to take on new messages and eventually re wire our core beliefs. What core beliefs are you aware of that were formed from childhood? What new core beliefs would you like to take on? If this type of coaching sparks your interest I offer free initial 1 hour calls. Contact me to arrange your free initial call.

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