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Retreat in Greece!!! (Women only)

I am so excited to be a co assistant teacher for a very special retreat in Greece this April 27th to May 2nd 2020. We have our host who is the master mind extraordinare organising this retreat Sandra Denise. Then we have two assistant teachers myself and Andreja Bourke. Together 3 different teachers who have all trained together in a 600 hour sexuality coaching training programme will be bringing years of embodied wisdom in the art of sexual awakening, emotional empowerment, embracing the wounded self with love & cultivating the path of pleasure in all its forms. We are creating an extra special container of safety and grounding to do this potent inner work. I find retreats really powerful. Whenever I have gone on a sexuality retreat it’s supported me to take a huge step forward in my journey of healing. The potent power is in the group itself. Coming together to shed layers of shame, conditioning, pain, lack of self worth and fear. We get to experience being witnessed by the group. We get to enter into a space of ritual. Ritual speaks directly to our subconscious mind. It is the language of the primal brain. And when we tap into the subconscious we really get to experience deep and long lasting shifts. We get right to the core of what we have been carrying around. We get to deeply question old core beliefs that once protected and served us. We then get to create a new set of beliefs that serve us, feel alive and energising, and act as a fuel for our lives that we can take back to our relationships, jobs, social lives, and inner lives. We do this together creating a strong container of safety, love and belonging. Gentle & Powerful Will you be joining us? For more info link is below. Or Contact me or our host Sandra Denise if you’d like to find out more x

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