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The Nervous System Whisperer

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

A friend recently called me The Nervous System Whisperer! I took this a HUGE compliment :) As much as I would like to claim this title for myself only (so I can feel special of course ha ha), it's actually a title I'd give to others around me including the woman who said this to me (because if you spot it you've got it!). So what is a nervous system whisperer I here you ask? Or is just me who is overly excited with this name? Here are some suggestions. It is someone who has done or is doing: - Body release work to release stored up stress and trauma accumulated over days/years (through yoga, pilates, dance, breath work, sexuality work etc) - Learning the art of connecting with and feeling into what bodily sensations are coming up (feeling it to heal it) - Understanding the nature of trauma/stress (Big T and little T) and our automatic fight, flight and freeze responses that can come up when we get triggered in daily life - Awareness when we get triggered by noticing sensations in our body and then understanding how to self soothe and self regulate - This in turn supports us to notice when someone else is moving into a stressful state in their body and also supports us to know how to support them with soothing words, tone and touch. I am continually learning just how crucial our nervous system health is to our wellbeing and quality of life. When you work with me as your coach this is something we go through together - the importance of your nervous system regulation and how it relates to your quality of life and also how stress release and self soothing can support you to make shifts in your life. Contact me if you would like to arrange an initial call and find out more about the coaching I offer 💜

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