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What happens when we work on our sexuality A LOT!

A lot happens, because our sexuality is connected to all of us.

Our core beliefs from childhood (set before the age of 7).

Our self worth (what we feel we deserve to receive).

Our body image.

Our energy levels.

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The last week a common theme has come up for coaching clients I am working with. That how they are at work is how they are in their relationship.

If they are unable to say what they want and need at work when it's causing stress, this transfers to their intimate life where they are also unable to say what they need or want.

Sexuality work is about tapping into the body.

It's about becoming present to what we are feeling inside.

The sensations in our body. A coldness, a tingling, a contraction, a tightness, a heaviness, a warmth, a sense of expansion and peace.

The body is our subconscious mind. It's where we store emotions, and subconscious core beliefs. It's where we store memories. It's literally the 'issues is in our tissues'. Our muscles and fascia are capable of holding memories.

When we start to work with the body through the guided audio practices I share and the coaching sessions, the subconscious beliefs can rise up to be witnessed, listened to, integrated and shifted.

Some of the beliefs that have been coming up for clients are:

- I am unable to state my needs and say no, or express what is not working for me in dating with men as an adult because it was not safe for me as a child to say no

- My worth and value in the world is directly connected to how perfect I show up - I need to be perfect, absolutely perfect in everything I do, otherwise I won't be loved

- If I say what I need at work and in sexual intimacy with my partner, then I will come across as too much, not coping, and weak

Here are some of the changes that these same clients are making through working with me:

- having the scary conversation with a boss about the workload being totally unsustainable and stressful - from an empowered stance, from a place of, this is my need - how can we work this out together

- booking in to study a totally new career in October and work towards a career and life that feels good for her soul and meets her needs in terms of finances and feeling valued and connected to others

- having deep insights and now questioning a deep rooted belief around perfectionism formed in childhood that is allowing him to see the direct connection between his identity and his sexuality's freed him up to experience sex in a new more positive way for him

It's all connected. When we begin to question the core beliefs and realise they were a survival response and that they are not true now, we can make a choice to create something new in our lives.

When we say no and ask for our needs to be met in the workplace we may find we have practiced this muscle of stating our needs and can then say no and ask for our needs to be met in relationship to others.

It's pure gold seeing these shifts in people.

I'm totally buzzing.

Come and totally buzz with me!! Ha ha

Sound like something you want for you too? Reach out for an Clarity Call right here and let's chat!:

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