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What if there is no adult present?

What if there is no adult that our inner child can turn to? What if when we do the inner child work and she/he/they do not turn up? What happens when we finally decide to make the plunge and connect with our inner little one and we just see a presence? No one ever told me when I first started doing Inner Child work that we actually need to a step before this... We need to connect...well actually its more like create from scratch for many of us...our own Internal Parents. The work is to create new internal parents that hold the qualities of love, compassion, support, holding, safety and care. I know when I first started to look at my own internal parents that they were actually internalised versions of my actual parents. This internalised version of my care givers had some wonderful qualities AND some residual experiences of being shamed, criticised, blamed, and invalidated. So the work was to unpick these associations in my mind and body and to CREATE new parents for whom my inner child could turn to. This is the work I do with my coaching clients. It is really powerful work. Maraget Paul speaks about this in her book Inner Bonding. It's the experience of coming back to ourselves when we reconnect with our inner child. It's the feeling that no matter what - we (our inner parents) have got our back. And for those of us who identify as anxiously attached this inner child and inner re parenting work can literally re wire the way we relate to ourselves. If this sounds like an inner journey you would like to go on...then I am here as your coach. Contact me or book in an initial call with me straight away. Link is below to book an online call. Photography is by Slyvie Robert whose daughter this is. This little girl is Tippi Benjamin Okanti Degre. I feel like this image so beautifully captures the inner child essence!!

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