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I am really pleased to share my latest vagimonial from one of my clients: 'I’ve finished a year of coaching with this awesome human... Emma Spiegler; since starting my journey into various different therapies of personal healing & growth, 20 years ago, Emma’s work, support & practices have been THE most transformative, because she incorporates the mind AND the body, tailoring her work specifically to each person. This work, combined with all the psychology work I’ve done, has consolidated much healing and this year has been one of the best experiences I have had with a coach so far! I can recommend her highly for anyone who’s experienced traumatic lives and now wishes to thrive.' Here is some things that happen with my clients: They break up from a partner even though it's scary and hard to do. They do it because they access the parts of themselves that was choosing and staying with this partner out of fear and they are then empower to give these parts what it needs to feel loved and secure. They have a new found inner strength to make aligned choices. They find a partner - my clients overcome blocks to intimacy that was preventing them from being open to a loving and supportive partner. One client recently had been single for many years and he found a beautiful, kind, intelligent woman who he's been in a relationship with for almost 4 months! Another client ended her relationship, and by saying no to what wasn't serving her, has met a really lovely man who wants a committed relationship! Clients learn about moving from anxiously attached to securely attached - learning a range of tools that empowers them to spot the patterns, lovingly disrupt the patterns and continue to come back to themselves. They overcome self abandonment through meaningful self parenting and inner child work. If this resonates for you and speaks to you, I'd love to connect with you. Contact me to arrange an initial call. x

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